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Dmitrichenko, Tsiskaridze, Vorontsova testify

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Trial day 1: Dmitrichenko: ‘Filin had intimate relations with ballerinas’

26 NOV 13    Some of the Bolshoi’s most stellar names are said to be intending to ask the judge to let them challenge the scathing personal comments made about artistic direcctor Sergei Filin by Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Angelina Vorontsova and Ruslan Pronin.

Some of the Bolshoi’s most stellar names are said to be intending to ask the judge to let them challenge the scathing personal comments made about Filin by the three. The most senior female coach, a legend among Bolshoi ballerinas, Marina Kondratieva will be joined by the top young stars of today, Evgenia Obraztsova and Olga Smirnova, Vladislav Lantratov and Artem Ovcharenko among others who have formed a group to represent a general feeling inside the company that Filin was falsely traduced yesterday, according to his lawyer.

Here is a translation of ITAR-TASS’s breaking news this evening.

‘Outrage and anger among the dancers’

ITAR-TASS, 26 November, 2013, 19:26

Many Bolshoi dancers are demanding to be questioned in Meshchansky Court in order to refute the testimony of their former colleagues Nikolai Tsiskaridze and Angelina Vorontsova concerning the ballet director Sergei Filin, says his lawyer, Tatyana Stukalova.

“The statements by Tsiskaridze, Pronin and Vorontsova caused great outrage and anger among dancers in the ballet company. They have independently approached us with an urgent request to have them called to court to testify in rebuttal of these witnesses. But we can’t question the whole theatre. So a group of dancers and teachers has been formed, who will come to court tomorrow, and we will petition the judge for them to be called,” she said.

Stukalova said that tomorrow the court should expect senior ballet mistress and member of the Bolshoi ballet council Marina Kondratieva, coach Alexander Petukhov, leading male dancers Artem Ovcharenko, Vladislav Lantratov and Denis Medvedev, and ballerinas Evgenia Obraztsova, Olga Smirnova and Anna Rebetskaya.

“The dancers want to say in court that Tsiskaridze, Pronin and Vorontsova’s testimony was untrue, that they have a remarkable artistic director," said the lawyer.

On Wednesday [tomorrow] Yuri Zarutsky, accused of carrying out the attack on Filin, is expected to be questioned.

Unflattering statements

At the previous session [yesterday] the defence called as witnesses for Dmitrichenko Nikolai Tsiskaridze, former Bolshoi principal, Angelina Vorontsova, former Bolshoi dancer, and the former company manager Ruslan Pronin, who gave unflattering statements about Filin as a person.

According to them, the new artistic director was “a provocative type”, prone to hysteria and indulging himself in insulting and humiliating subordinates. Tsiskaridze also commented that Filin “would do anything for publicity.”

Moreover, all the witnesses said they did not believe in Dmitrichenko’s guilt, like the majority of the company.

The attack on Filin happened late and night on 17 January close to his home on Troitsky street, when he was splashed in the face with acid. He was hospitalised with severe burns to his face and eyes and has undergone several operations. According to doctors, it will take at least six months for him to recover.

Bolshoi dancers, teachers demand to rebut Tsiskaridze in court

"From Pavel’s point of view, there were unfair elements in the allocation, and I agreed with him"

Former Bolshoi star Nikolai Tsisdarize (photo Izvestia)